Many people know who they want to live with. Therefore, they want to reserve a room as a group ‒ when they reserve one by one, it needs some coordination, and gets problematic when someone else gets into the room before the whole group is there. To cover the need to reserve for the whole group, we introduced the alliances. An alliance is a group of people who agreed to be the group and can reserve room for them all just by one click of a single member of the whole alliance.

Forming an alliance

So, now there is a group of people who want to live together. One of them needs to create the alliance. After following the „Alliance“ tab, there's a page with settings of the alliance-to-be. It is recommended to leave it with the defaults. Then, after creating the alliance by submitting the configuration (which is fixed from that time on), this user needs to find all other future members and invite them on their users page. Once all of them accept the invitations, the alliance is formed. After the creation, the members are not distinguished in any way. Everybody has the same abilities (like all people can send further invitations).

Reserving places

Getting a reservation for the whole alliance is similar to getting one for yourself. You find the room you desire and, if everything is well (it is third or fourth round, there's enough space, etc.), you see a „Move alliance into the room“ button. When you click it, all alliance members move to the room. Or, if they don't fit, into other companion rooms (if there are any). However, the system decides who goes to which room ‒ which may not be to your likes. If the founder of the alliance didn't forbid it in the settings, you (or anyone of the alliance) can then swap the members so they are in correct places. If you got the rooms during the rush time just after the fourth round was opened, you may want to wait with the swapping a little bit when the system catches up with the load and it feels slightly less sluggish ‒ it is safe, nobody is going to take your places now.