Help ‒ login

The reservation system requires you to log in. You can do so in two ways.

Using the UK credentials

You can use your UK credentials (the ones you use to log into SIS). To do so, click the „CAS UK link. You'll be then redirected to a login page of the university. After logging in there, you'll be redirected back to the system where'll be logged in already.

As this way of login happens completely out of our control, we can not reset your UK password if you forget it, neither help you when it does not work.

Local login

If you are not a UK student and you don't have the UK credentials, you should have received a login name and password. Or you may have set a password in the system. In such case, just enter them into the login screen you see once you access the system.

Whilst we are able to change your password if you forget it, please try to remember it first.

You can change the local password once you're logged in, in your profile page. While it's not a good idea generally to give a password to someone else, we know many people do so to reserve a room for them. It is still less of a problem to give them a password specially set for this system instead of giving them access to whole SIS and other UK applications. If you are UK student, your login is the UK number (under the photo of your UK badge).


You'll be logged out either if you click the „Logout“ link in the right top corner, or when you're not active for a certain amount of time (the time should be large anough for any reasonable work, but it'll log you out over the night or over the lunch, if you eat slowly).