Help ‒ reserving a room

The basics are simple. You find a room you like and then click „Move into the room“ and you're done. But, as usually, things are more interesting when you start digging deeper.

Finding the room

If you already know the room you want to live in, it is simple. You can just type the URL yourself. It lives in /room/[name-of-the-room]. But usually, this is not the way.

Another possibility is using the „Room search“ feature. You can specify room options you care about and get the rooms matching the criteria. But, please, use reasonable searches, especially in rush times when the system is used by many people (or search before the fourth round is opened). The worst you can do to the system is to specify the only criterion „Available for: my alliance“, which is expensive and you would slow down the many other people trying to reserve room just at the same moment ‒ you some other options as well, like the level.

You also can go through the plans of the buildings, where the rooms are drawn with symbols of free and occupied places. Only dormitory of 17. listopadu has these plans available at the moment.

No matter how you got there, you now see a description of a room. You see various details, like who already reserved the room, on which level it is and if it is available to men or women. You also see companion rooms, if there are any (on some dormitories, there are no companion rooms). A companion room shares certain facilities with the room, like a kitchen ‒ so you might be interested who lives there as well. And, depending on the current round and free space, you may see a button to reserve the room.


The reservation happens in several rounds. Each round has some specifics on who can reserve which room.

  1. In the first round, you can reserve the room you're living in over the summer (more accurately on August the 1st). System data is actual to July the 19th. If it means any differenc for you, please contact us. If you don't live in the dormitories over the summer, than you can't reserve a room in this round.
  2. The second round is similar, but you can reserve the room you lived in over the school year. That is, if it is not already full because of the first round.
  3. The third round is special. You can't reserve a room for yourself, but you can bring your alliance to a room you have already reserved. So, if you had a room reserved before, and there's enough space to hold all people in your alliance and sex restrictions of people, who live in the room but are not part of the alliance, allow, you can click the „Move alliance into the room“.
  4. The last, fourth, round is free for all. Everybody is allowed to move into any room, as long there's room and everybody in that room is OK with the sex. Also, you can reserve for your whole alliance at once.

You can move out of a room at any time ‒ but think twice before doing so, as you may not be able to return back.

Swapping rooms

In the fourth round, you also can swap a room with someone else. You both could move out and then move into the other room, but that would pose a risk that somebody else could sneak into one of the rooms during the time. So instead, you can visit the user's info page and invite them to swapping the rooms. If the user accepts, and there's nothing stopping you both from living in the other room, you two swap places without the risk of someone else getting in.