Help ‒ users

There are users in the system. One of them is you, and there are many more. You can configure some of your own settings and you can browse other users and interact with them in some limited way.


Your own settings are called profile in the system. Many of the things there are read only ‒ your name, login name, sex, email. If these values are wrong, contact us ‒ we received them from the dormitory clerks and the values are not always accurate (at least with email and sex, they are not always sure).

Other three settings ‒ Show emails to others, the webpage and the Note for others ‒ allow you to specify what others know about you. The default settings are on the cautious side regarding privacy. But we recommend you to let others know about you (show the email, say something about you, etc.), especially if you don't know yet, who you'll be living with. Of course, if you already have all the people to fill the adjoining rooms, you don't need it. In such case, consider using the alliance feature.

The last settings allows you to restrict the users that can move into the same room you have reserved already to the same sex as you. However, this restriction applies to the third and fourth round only (a homeland right is stronger than this restriction) and it does not apply to members of your own alliance (if you enter an alliance with someone, it is assumed you're willing to live with them).

The profile page allows you to change your local password. You can find more information about that password on the login help page.

Furthermore, the page contains list of invitations into an alliance and to swap rooms. You see both the ones you sent and the ones that were sent to you. You can accept or reject the ones sent to you.

Other users

You can view information about other users. You can either access users by clicking their name (in room details or in the invitation details) or by searching for them. When viewing a user, you see some basic information. There may be more, if the user allowed it to be shown.

To search for a user, you need to know their name or login name. You can search by full name, or use character * as a wildcard for anything. In both cases, the result is only one person, the first one that fits the expression. Names usually begins with surname.

The user page also contain some controls sometimes. They allow you to send an invite into your alliance (if you're in an alliance) and to invite the user to swap room with you (if you both have a room reserved and you both can move into the other room). The message is not mandatory, but the user might want to know why you invite them.

System users

System users is our way to handle irregularities. Some rooms are simply not available to you, because they are in a different category. Some beds are blocked for some reason (someone has special needs and is assigned a whole room, for example). And these places are occupied by system users in the database. You don't have to worry about them, it just means you can't get the bed.